Visitors to Emporium Islamabad Shopping Mall will Enjoy Access to Free WIFI

Emporium Islamabad providing commercial property and shops for sale in Islmabad

Visitors to Emporium Islamabad will enjoy free wireless connectivity across the entire 11 floors. Emporium Islamabad will be the unique shopping mall offering free WiFi facility to its visitors. The main aim and objective of providing the free WiFi facility is to facilitate its visitors with high speed internet in public place and live services and beneficial information.

Facilitating WiFi connectivity for free to all visitors along the 11 floors is one of the definitive lifestyle destinations in the town which will welcome millions of visitors each year.

Emporium Islamabad provides a unique art and entertainment activities, food concept, games, outdoor LED digital wall, 24/7 full color and access to free WiFi connectivity is the iconic attractions in the city. Emporium Islamabad is the international standard shopping mall surpassing other boulevards in the world.

Introduction to the free WiFi connectivity to the shopping mall will add to the convenience of visitors. This giant step will not only accelerate all around the economic growth but particularly will add lifestyle standards of our community, particularly to the youth who are eager to engage online for educational, social and cultural interaction.

Emporium Islamabad is the first exclusive 11-floor international standard shopping mall in the Islamabad. This shopping mall is an ambitious step forward which will define Islamabad as a global city that will set strong infrastructure fundamentals for the future. It provides all the niceties as desired by a customer.

Announcement of free WiFi connectivity across the 11 floors of the Emporium shopping mall marks a definitive step towards realizing the vision of highness of SaifCo Group. Achieving the vision of free WiFi service is to leverage technology to more convenience, more happiness and more fun for people, anywhere and anytime in a more connected world.

Islamabad is the city of great strategic importance as it is daily been visited by a number of tourists round the globe. Emporium Islamabad, shopping mall will provide round the clock online connectivity for free to all the tourists and visitors as well, so that they may relax with friends and family at food cafe or at any of the shopping outlet.

Emporium Islamabad provides an iconic attractions as the country’s most facilitated and international standard shopping mall with 150 shops including all international and local brands. Its floral emblem theme floor plan along with free WiFi connectivity will be of great attraction to the visitors. Emporium Islamabad also links several hospitality, entertainment, dining and shopping attractions within its exclusive 11 floors. These unique services by Emporium Islamabad shopping mall will welcome millions of visitors.

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